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Do you know that your vehicle has parts that can be recycled? If not, this article might be helpful.

It becomes very difficult to decide what to do with the new car that is merely taking up space in the garage. But now you can think of recycling the parts of the vehicle. This is an excellent way to contribute to the environment as it helps to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of cars.

The essential maintenance of any vehicle is the replacement of obsolete, worn-out components regularly. Have you ever examined how many parts a car goes through in a typical year? We’ve covered a lot of components, including worn-out tires, depleted batteries, used oil, and so on. Many of these components, which were meant to be replaced regularly, can be recycled regularly.

Parts of the car that can be recycled

You may be surprised to know that nearly all parts( 90 percent ) of an old car can be recycled, including the metal parts such as steel and aluminum, batteries, tires, glass, and even fluids such as motor oil and coolant. Other features, such as plastics, upholstery, and carpeting, can also be recycled or used for energy recovery. Recycling helps conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from producing new materials.

Discover the top, often recycled automobile components by reading the following.

Cars are made of various materials, many of which can be recycled. Recycling these materials conserves not only resources but also helps the environment in a lot of ways.

The most recyclable parts of a car are metal parts. Steel and aluminum are the most common metals used in car manufacturing and are 100% recyclable. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and is used to make new car parts, building materials, and other products. Aluminum is also widely recycled and used to produce unique car parts, packaging, and other products.

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Lead-acid batteries are commonly used in cars and are recyclable. The lead and acid are separated, and the information is used to make new batteries while the acid is neutralized and disposed of safely.

Tires and hoses

Tires can be recycled and used in various ways. The rubber can be ground up and used as a filler material for road construction, as a fuel source in cement kilns, or as a material for producing new tires. Steel and nylon cord from the tires can also be recycled and used to create new tires or other products.


Car windows and windshields are made of tempered glass, which is 100% recyclable. The glass is crushed and used to produce new glass products or as a filler material for new car parts.


Used motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant can all be recycled. Motor oil can be cleaned and used as a fuel source, while transmission fluid and coolant can be reused in other vehicles.


Plastics are used in many car parts, including the interior, exterior, and under hood. These plastics can be recycled and used to produce new car parts or other products.

Upholstery and carpeting

The fabric and carpeting from the interior of a car can also be recycled. The material can be shredded and used as a furniture filler or for producing new car parts or other products.

Oil filters

Oil filters help to clean the undesired chemicals from the atmosphere within the car. They must be replaced regularly but can be recycled, so there is no need to throw them away and let them end up in a waste stream.

Engines and transmission

These are essential components and can be reused and recycled even if the vehicle is not in use. Remanufactured engines are cheaper to purchase and have a high demand.

Water pumps

The water pump in the car can also be recycled, so there is no need to throw them away. 

Starters and alternators

They, like pumps, can be recycled and reused. Because they are among the most expensive to replace, there is a high demand for older, less expensive ones that have been fixed.

Belts and chains

The belt can be found in the engine that drives features like a compressor and alternator for the air conditioning system. Belts usually require to be changed frequently. Some vehicles have timing chains that are very durable and can be reused easily.


As discussed above, recycling car parts help to reduce waste and make new products and materials. Metal, for example, recycles without losing quality. Also, they can be turned into cash. The scrap metal from your car can be used again and again. Making new products from recycled metals takes far less energy than mining and refining. Recycling your car parts makes a difference!

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