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Termination Of  Contract

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  1. The customer has breached or intends to breach the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
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  3. If the provision of services offered by CashForCarBrisbane is no longer commercially viable.
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Dispute Resolutions

  • No party should begin any court or tribunal actions connected to the disputed issue if a disagreement relating to the Terms arises unless the provisions have been put together or urgent interlocutory relief is required.
  • The party asserting a Dispute that has arisen under the Terms may give the opposing party written notice describing the nature of the Dispute, the desired outcome, and the action to be taken to resolve the Dispute.
  • For resolution, on receiving the Notice of Dispute by the other party, the part to the Terms must:
  1. Within 14 days of receiving the Dispute Note, must in good faith aim to resolve the issue by negotiation or other means so that they may mutually agree to a solution.
  2. If the Dispute is not resolved for any given reason, after 14 days period, the parties must agree upon and select a mediator. Or request a mediator to be appointed by the President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or its nominee.
  3. Both parties are equally liable for all the fees and expenses incurred with the mediator, and the cost of the venue for mediation.
  4. The mediation process will be held in Brisbane, Australia.
  • All the communication concerning the negotiation by the parties and the mediator for Dispute resolution is considered confidential to the possible extent.
  • If 14 days have elapsed after the start of mediation, and still the Dispute has not been resolved, either party can ask the mediator to terminate the mediation process.

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