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The easiest way is to sell your car for cash to a scrap car business but if you want to sell your vehicle privately then this guide will be for you. Although selling a car privately comes with headaches, hassle, and struggle. But, you may get the results eventually by getting the best deal in Queensland. Everything comes with a price, even if it’s money. To get a good price for your used car, you will have to put in a lot of effort, invest your time, and use your intellect. Do that and you may strike a winning deal. To sell your car privately and get the best price, you must work on both its appearance and performance.

Let your Vehicle Standout!

Getting rid of the dirt from your car is essential but not enough. You also need to clean up your car properly so that your car can emphasize an appetite. Showing your buyers a dusty car can make an impression that if you don’t bother about your car’s appearance. What else you may not have considered important to maintain. Since your buyers are disinterested, they won’t make a good offer, not even close to the one you were expecting. “First Impression is the last Impression”, if your car makes a bad impression on the first day, it would not reverse. So roll up your sleeves, grab the bucket, and bring the elegance out of your vehicle.

Restore and Repair

The whole deal depends on your car’s condition and the asking price. If your car is lavish and costly with minor scratches and poor performance, you may encounter some eye-rolling and low-balling. To get the most out of your car, maintenance service and performance check are recommended, and if any part is missing, it is best to replace them. Cash For Car Brisbane offers a range of auto parts, excellent service, and attention to performance needs.

Prepare Your Documents

Make sure you have all of your documents ready so that you don’t run into any problems during the deal, which will only delay the process. Paperwork is an important part that must not be overlooked.

Inspection Certificate

Luckily, you no longer need a safety certificate for light vehicles in Queensland, but you probably will need the Certificate of Inspection for heavy vehicles. Vehicles with gas fuel systems need a gas certificate which must be issued within 3 months of registration transfer.

Car Title

Car Title is the proof that you are the legal owner of the vehicle which you will transfer to the new owner. If you still have outstanding liens, you’d have to pay the remaining amount to transfer the title to the new owner.

Car History

History and Records, gather all maintenance and service records just in case your buyer asks for them, besides they are of no use to you if you won’t be having the car anymore so better give them to the new owner.

Set the Price

Setting a price for your car can be tricky because you do not want to set the price too low. After all, it will devalue your car, nor do you want to set the price too high because you will lose potential buyers. You can get an idea of the value of your car by getting an estimated price from the dealer. There are specific tools on dealer’s sites to give you an idea of the car value. To get an exact valuation, provide the exact information of the car including make and model, mileage, features, and its condition. Remember the price for a scrap car will be different than a used car.

Advertise Your Car in QLD

Since your car is ready to be sold and so are the documents, and you have set the asking price. Your next step would be to grab some attention through advertisement.

First, take photos of both interior and exterior of the car from various angles from both close-up and far away, make sure you do this during the day for clear and natural pictures. Avoid focusing on tiny dings and scratches unless there is a major dent.

You must now decide where to place the ad. You can post your ad on websites such as, Gumtree cars, Tradingpost, Autotraders, and others. Each website has a different level of traffic, if you have a favorite website for shopping, you can use it. Or, you could post an ad on Facebook Marketplace which has huge traffic and turns out to be an effective way to sell one’s goods.

If you wish to draw the interest of those within QLD. You can put the sign inside your parked car or spread the news within your circle so they can share it. Mention your car’s specifications in the description, including its condition and mileage. The copy of an ad is crucial for catching potential buyers’ eye, the more detailed copy, the more attention it will receive.

Schedule Visit

Your potential buyers may ask to see the car and test drive it, this is more of a demand than a request because if you refuse, they will brush the deal aside. After all, no one wants to be scammed and taken advantage of when purchasing something online. You can schedule the visits at your home so that you don’t have to drive to an unfamiliar location and become uncomfortable. Have a friend or relative with you when the buyers come to see you so they can watch your back. You are not obliged to invite your buyers inside as they would buy the car and not the house.


Unless you are lucky enough to get someone who doesn’t negotiate, you’ll have to play it smart and be firm yet flexible with your asking price. Observe your buyer’s willingness to buy the car, negotiate tactfully, and accept a reasonable final offer. Set the payment method, better to be by cash or bank transfer. Double-check the payment before handing out the keys.

Close the Deal:

Since the procedure is almost done and you have received your payment, taking care of the paperwork would be your final step. You will need to print a receipt by creating one from scratch or use a template. Both you and the buyer must sign it so that it is documented you officially sold car to the buyer. Make two copies of the receipt, one for the buyer and one for yourself. In addition, notify TMR that you have sold your vehicle.

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Crystal Coleman, an experienced operations manager at Cash for Car Brisbane, has been working in the automotive industry since 2012. She is a qualified automotive buyer and a well-known car valuation expert for all vehicle conditions, with demonstrated experience of nearly a decade working in the automotive industry. At Cash for Car Brisbane, she shares her industry insights through blogs. When she’s not writing for her blog, you can find her walking her dog and enjoying nature.