Cash For Cars North Lakes

Cash for Car North Lakes is a licensed company that has been serving for more than a decade in the automotive industry. We provide excellent service for your car selling process by taking care of the needful.

Our qualified team goes above and beyond to give exceptional service to our customers and with their years of experience, they know how to maintain a well-established network of clients.

We accept all kinds of cars regardless of their make, model, and condition, whether they are not roadworthy or old junk, we will give you top cash for them. We buy cars to dismantle them for parts and recycling purposes.

We don’t make our customers hustle at any point in the procedure, spare them the hassle that can prevent them from selling their scrap cars, and give them a stress-free experience. Fill out our online form to obtain a free quote right away.

Get Your Car Removed from anywhere in North Lakes

We value your vehicle fair and square. To have your car taken up from your driveway, garage, or storage space, request a quotation now and reserve our FREE car removal service. The process is too easy that even the elderly can sell their car themselves.

All you have to do:

  • Get an estimated price offer by filling up the form with your name, number, email, location, make, model, and condition of the car, or simply call us at 07 3359 8688
  • Our auto appraisers team will give you the best price offer, if you are satisfied with it you can go ahead and schedule the car removal process
  • Our auto inspectors will visit with the team to inspect your car thoroughly and verify the offered price
  • Get your car removed in Brisbane if you are happy with the deal. If not, don’t worry, our quotations come with no commitment and cost you nothing.
  • If accepted the deal, get your car removed safely from your driveway or garage and get paid with top cash
  • Sign the paperwork to complete your part of the deal

Nevertheless, we make every effort to avoid causing you any trouble and take care of everything. However, after making a reservation for the car removal service, you must make sure;

  • There are no personal items in your automobile.
  • You are carrying your photo ID.
  • There are no obstructions and clear access to the driveway from the property.
Get Your Car Removed from anywhere in North Lakes
car removed in north lakes Brisbane

When to use our service in North Lakes?

Life is full of circumstances and situations, and when they affect your car, you may decide to use our service and sell your car for cash.

  • When your unwanted car takes up the space only to become scrap, you sense the need for getting rid of it and use that room for other needs.
  • When you have driven this vehicle enough that you are bored of it and now you are eyeing the new car you saw at the showroom
  • When your car requires fixtures and maintenance frequently that it costs you more than its value.
  • When you have a totaled or heavily damaged car that can not be revived despite the repairs it gets.
  • When you want to make some cash from your extra car instantly, selling them privately means days and weeks of frustration and hustle.
  • When you are moving from the city or territory and you are not taking the car with you
  • When your car does more harm to the environment than it does good to you by exhausting toxins out of the engine.
  • When you realize that your old car has poor fuel consumption, considering the increased fuel costs nowadays, you may feel the need to buy a fuel-friendly car.

We Buy All Makes And Models Of The Vehicle

Cash for car North Lakes buys all makes and models of car, all types of the car whether it’s a van, truck, or Utes. We accept cars regardless of their condition, they can be old, damaged, scrap, or even not roadworthy, bringing them to use is our job. Cash for cars North Lakes is an environment-friendly business practice and we believe in recycling the available resources to support the cause of helping the planet.

We accept cars from a variety of brands, but are not limited to;

We are one of the few licensed cash for cars companies that also adheres to the Australian government’s environmental regulations and waste disposal guidelines. Since the outset, we have worked to earn the trust and goodwill of our customers by being a reliable brand with a positive cause.

Sell Your Car In 3 Easy Steps

You can contact us via our online form or directly by calling usIf choosing the online form, customer can enter details about their car such as:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year of purchase
  • Odometer reading etc.

And within a minute customers will be presented with an estimated value of their car. The more accurate information the customer provides, the more accurate the estimation will be.

If the customer wants information via call then our customer service representatives will ask all of the above details about the car and give you the estimation on call. Or if you find it more convenient you can even visit us.

Sell Your Car In 3 Easy Steps
Schedule an inspection

If the customer finds the free quote acceptable then we can move forward with the deal. The next step is to schedule an inspection. The customer is completely in control of the inspection’s

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location

After the customer informs us of the selected date, time, and location; we arrive right on time with our team. Our experienced professional inspects the car within 40 minutes, but if the car is a scrap inspection takes even less time approximately 15 mins only.

After carefully inspecting the car our team gives the customer a revised quote. And that’s the final offer by Cash for car.

Once the customer accepts the offer we made, they get instant cash up to $9,999. Apart from that we also offer our customers free car wrecking services.

instant cash for cars
Eco-friendly Recycling At Car Yard North Lakes

Eco-friendly Recycling At Car Yard North Lakes

Our recycling processes are in line with the guidelines set up by the Australian government. We ensure that all of our processes are up to the mark so customers can benefit from the best services in Brisbane North Lakes area. With our ecofriendly recycling at our car yard we aim to reduce and reuse valuable resources found all around us.

Our protocol for scrap cars are as follows:

When a scrap car reaches our scrapyard, most of the time it has

  • Rusted parts,
  • Broken windshield,
  • Leaking pipes
  • Flat tires, etc.

So the initial step is to get rid of all of the waste. The car is cleaned off, all of the waste is discarded in a safe manner. All of the toxic fluids are discarded separately and now we can move to the next step.

After the waste removal stage, now the car is free from distractions. In this stage, we salvage all of the useful parts in the car. The parts that are salvaged can be used in other cars or can be sold off to whoever needs it. In this stage parts that are not in good condition are disposed of.

Now all that is left of the vehicle is its metal frame. This metal frame is cleaned and is sent to be recycled. 70% of the mental in the car is found in its frame. So this frame is recycled and sold off to any industry in need of it. The reusing of metal prevents further metal extraction from the earth and makes use of the thousands of end-of-life vehicles found all over the country

To get your car recycled, call us and enquire about our latest offers.

Ways To Reach Us

Car Wreckers North Lakes Brisbane is the nations’ premier customer-oriented car wrecking business. We have an elite team of automotive professionals working for us with years of experience in this industry.

Our team knows value when they see it. So if you have a car of value be sure that you will be compensated for it generously.

So reach us now via the following methods

Fill our online form

Call us: 07 3359 8688