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Fine for driving unregistered vehicle QLD ranges between $400 to $500 depending on the type of vehicle and $552 for driving an uninsured vehicle on the road.

Ever thought of bringing your unregistered car to the road?

Before doing so, you should be aware of the consequences that you can face by driving your unregistered car.

Although driving a car is a smooth experience with ease and comfort to get to your destination. But, this ride can turn into loads of penalties if your car is not registered. You may have a few exceptions in which you won’t be charged for taking your unregistered car to the road but keep in mind few exceptions only include valid reasons. Flabby reasons such as forgetting that the car is not registered, buying a pack of milk from down the street, or being late for work do not lie in those exceptions, you will be charged a fine regardless of what senseless reason you come up with.

In the two years after the Queensland registration stickers were taken off, fines for the unregistered vehicle had a major shift of 45%. According to the Newman government change that was effected in 2014 gave out that the labels of registrations were not needed for vehicles under 4.5 tonnes, which saved the state government from the yearly costs of postage and printing of around $3.5 million. In Feb 2022 a man was fined $441 for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Driving an unregistered car can become a criminal misdemeanor and may lead to imprisonment if driven recklessly as the fact that your vehicle is unregistered will add up to your offense and you may have to hire a criminal defense lawyer which can be costly. Moreover,

if unfortunately, you meet an accident in your unregistered car with being at fault and not having third-party insurance will be a whole lot of financial damage for you as you will have to pay up to thousands for medical and repair bills, and if caught without the insurance will bring up another fine for your unregistered car.

Having an unregistered vehicle in Queensland

Having an unregistered car parked in your garage won’t bring trouble to your door if you stay out of the street. It is permissible to let your car registration expire but it’s better to get it re-registered as soon as possible.

You can also drive your unregistered vehicle on private property as they are excluded from the state’s traffic rules and you won’t be charged with any tickets or fines.

You can sell it to cash for car services and also take your unregistered vehicle on a public road as long as it’s connected with a towing truck or trailer. You only have to avoid driving it on a public road as it is against the law.

Exceptions for taking your unregistered car on the road

It is evident that no illogical excuse will be saving you from facing hefty fines. In fact, exceptions are quite limited. You may not be charged with a fine if you are able to convince the circumstances and emergencies that lead you to take your unregistered car out on the streets. You are also allowed to drive your unregistered car to get it registered as well.

Alternative of Registration of the vehicle

One can obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) as an alternate option for a specific period. With UVP, you can ride the vehicle for a specific journey and in a restricted area. These permits may be issued within 7 days, and its time period will be even to the time it will take to complete the journey according to your destination’s most direct route.

Now, to get a permit your car must qualify for safety standards to drive and the driver has to be the one carrying the permit. Applying for the permit does not involve any hustle, you simply have to apply for the permit either online or in-person at a transport and motoring customer service center.

If you are applying in person you will have to complete the UVP application form and either way you will have to pay the permit fee to complete your application.

Additionally, you will also have to acquire a Class 22 compulsory third party (CTP) insurance which is not included in your UVP fees. The insurance fees will vary on the vehicle and the days you are going to need the insurance. It is evident that you will have to pay the base rate of the first day for Class 22 insurance plus the daily rates for additional days.

Driving an unregistered vehicle without any permit is a serious violation and your fine may vary on the cylinders the vehicle has. The charges range between $292 to $390 and $487 for driving an uninsured vehicle on the road. Therefore, it is recommended to either get your car registered, get the permit, or sell to our scrapyard and get cash for car in Brisbane and stay away from the trouble it can bring you.

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