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Be among the vehicle owners who get top money for their scrap car removal. Call us and get up to $9999 for your scrap car. We are driving as much as possible to car wreckers and removers who pay top cash for your scrap vehicle in your pocket on the spot. simply to come back to pull away from your undesirable car.
Regardless of whether your once sparkling new vehicle is currently a clunker that sits in the yard or the time has come to move up to a more current model, we will give you a momentary cash present of $9999. We cover numerous regions in Queensland (QLD).

Get Rid Of Your Car For Instant Cash

Need to Sell Your Scrap Car Quick Or Fast?

We pay cash for cars and acknowledge all makes and models of all ages and any condition, even pointless and softened-up pieces. When you call us, you call an expert with the associations that will pay you top cash for scrap cars. Get in touch with us for a cash offer and see for yourself.

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On the off chance that you need to dispose of your scrap car for cash, doesn’t modest around with regards to selling you without a doubt the most for your Unwanted Cars. We offer you up to $9999 in money that is paid on the spot for your car removal. With us, even your useless old vehicle has value. See exactly how much by reaching out to us through one of the alternatives above. We are North Auto Recycling.

Get Up To $9,999 Cash for Scrap Cars.

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Paper work? We’ll cover for you!

Paper work? We’ll cover for you!

You don’t need to run to get all the paperwork done or solve number plate issues on your own. We have your back,we ensures the comfort of each client.

If more information is required regarding paperwork and a number plate, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

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Junk yards or scrap yards like us buy all kinds of scrap cars:
• Totalled cars
• Inoperable cars
• Cars needing expensive repairs
• Cars with no valuable parts
• Vandalized cars
• A vehicle with the salvage title
• Car with more than 150,000 mileage
• Cars with extensive damage to the body

The factors that affect the scrap value of your car are the time of the year, the weight of your car in scrap, and how long you wait before selling the vehicle. In the end, you can get between $500 to $9,999 for a scrap vehicle.

Letting go of a rusty and old car can be a difficult decision. But here is why you should scrap your car:
• Make some extra space in your garage
• Junk cars are always valuable for a cash for cars company
• You make extra cash with no hassle
• Scraping a car is environment-friendly

If you are ready today to scrap your car, fill out the online quote form available at the website or call and talk to our customer service representative.

After you accept our quote/cash offer, we will send our towing team to your location and remove the car. The process of car removal will be complete within hours.