No matter how much you put your mortgage and family as your first priority, your car remains on top. And to get your car the service it deserves, you need to find the best wrecker for it. Bring your car to Brisbane Wreckers that are right for your car and your pocket. When things go wrong, life undoubtedly becomes chaotic. In simpler words, expensive.

Your car gets the right treatment that it deserves

At Cash for Car Brisbane, our team ensures that your car gets the right treatment that it deserves. Your car is not just a piece of heavy ferrous to us. We will give your car the care that it’s used of. Our mechanical service is first class and the professionals are extremely experienced. Our prices are affordable and would stay in your pocket.

We know the Pain

We can feel your pain for how tough it is to live without a car or when it is broken or not running. We know your pain and we will do all it takes to get your wheels on the road without making you bankrupt. We will take care of your car and your money by giving you quality services at an affordable cost.

Our Reputation as best Brisbane Wreckers

Our reputation throughout Brisbane Wreckers is incomparable because we provide services that no one else does. We offer reliability and cost-effective services for your wrecked or broken car. Our services entail following:

  • Second-hand car parts for people who cannot afford new automotive parts.
  • Aftermarket spare parts that are extremely in good condition of all makes and models of cars.
  • Free auto recycling and dismantling.
  • Brand new automotive parts for any make and model of the car.
  • Cash for junk, scrap, unwanted, broken or old cars.
  • Free car removal
  • Mechanical services at a reasonable and affordable cost.
  • Free guidance from our experts.
  • Used parts, aftermarket parts and genuine parts of all make and models of cars.
  • Largest stock throughout Brisbane.

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